Month: December 2020

Month: December 2020

Key to National Productivity

Power must be devolved to the true change catalysts in Africa. The entire continent needs to be re-engineered.

Men should be seen as individuals with endless potentials to attain whatever they set their minds on to achieve, but not as political pawns on the politicians’ chessboard. 

The power to a more realistic glorious future of Africa remains trapped in the people of Africa, but not in the government. The best government can do is to provide an enabling environment for the most kind, if not all kinds of potentials. 

These provisions from the side of government are called INFRASTRUCTURES and systems. 

Infrastructure cannot birth national productivity on its own, nor can foreign aids get us to the level of self-sufficiency that our hearts crave for.

This principle of national productivity is well appreciated by thriving nations all over the world. 

If the desire of the people is truly a prosperous Africa, then must we keep on exerting pressure upon the government to ensure the advent of our well-deserved prosperity as good.

Africans must realise that: Nations can not change individuals but changed individuals will change their nations for good.

‘PELUMI A. Pelumi-Folarin

By: ‘PELUMI A. Pelumi-Folarin  (President Shining AfriTest)