Curbing Sexual Molestation

Imagine finding a ‘child’ sexually attractive: such idiosyncrasy is best described as predatorial in act and pedophiliac in expression.

Children must be taught early to speak up when they are touched inappropriately. They must as well be taught early the parts of their body that shouldn’t be touched inappropriately.

Some kids get molested by members of their own family; Fathers, Mothers, siblings, extended families, some others by neighbours and teachers.

However, being too hard on your children would make them unable to confide in you. Hence, children need to be encouraged to speak out especially when they seem withdrawn.

Victims of sexual harassment can suffer significant psychological effects, including anxiety, depression, headaches, sleep disorders, weight loss or gain, nausea, lowered self-esteem and sexual dysfunction. In the final analysis, sexual harassment causes a tense and unproductive working and learning environment.

Our girls and boys deserve a better world. Let’s make it great for them.

We must respect our children, and be willing to condemn all shades of molestation thrown at them. It is our duty to keep fighting and advocating for their freedom. Because if the world is not save for children, it is not save for adult.

By: Domino Richards