No credit today, come tomorrow!

Sounds familiar?

I must say it is the best business notice I grew up with. It used to be very popular once upon a time. Most small businesses had it written in front of their shop. I hardly see it around anymore.

Dear business owner, credit kills business. Many businesses have gone under because of credit. Put a structure in place and avoid people owing you. Avoid selling on credit. It may seem like it makes sense at first because you have a lot of sales on paper but really you have no actual sale. You will spend your time and energy chasing debtors. Very soon, fatigue will set in, you won’t have the cash flow your business needs to run daily, you will become frustrated, those customers will go somewhere else and they will pay. They won’t come back to you and there goes your business.

See en, your customers will survive without credit so will your business. Having 500k to run your business is better than 2M on paper.

So, if you are a growing business, I want to advise you to bring that notice back and make it your mantra. Don’t just say it or print it on your flier, mean it and stick to it. You will thank me later and I’ll be waiting for my pizza.

Kindly remember o…


By: Yemi Sanya