The Power House (Series 01)
The Power House

Just thinking…

If you really know…

Anytime you think someone is wealthier than you, you just miss the entire essence of your making.

Money don’t make a man, it is man that makes money. It is equally amazing to understand the fact that; money don’t make a man rich, it is man that makes money rich: how the amount of money you have now is used is what determines the richness of your wealth.

The truth is, anyone can be a billionaire.  O yes! Don’t ever doubt what you are capable of becoming.

Don’t ever doubt what you your idea is capable of becoming.

Great corporations that we all hold on high esteem all began as a little spark of idea.

Had  Michael Faraday (a fine believer in Christ) doubted his compelling  prompting toward science because of his father’s goldsmith business, he wouldn’t have emerged as one of the world greatest scientist.

Can you for a minute imagine this world without electricity?