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keep It New

I can, yes I can
Lions were silenced at my strike
Cheetahs seized to breath at my roar
I have done it countless times
Making, building, lifting, moulding
To mention a few, I can
I can, cos I used to
Don’t really know why it’s like this
So many of these have I done
All with ease and glee
I used to, even just the other day
Ore yes you can, my guy yes you will
After all prowess is given life
Babe you will when you take a break and learn
You can if you will just sharpen the axe
You will when you are willing to renew that mind

The glory of yesterday is good
Not good enough for the rising of today
Make it come new each day
Keep it fresh every sec
Keep it new all day long


Massive delays on renewing passports.

By: Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Whoever is responsible for the booklets to print Nigerian passports should do his or her job. It turns out that this problem- inability to renew passports – is systemic and widespread across our foreign missions. I just checked my inmails and many others have the same problems: massive delays on renewing passports.

I have followed up and was told that a contract with a supplier is the cause of the problem. I have also received a phone number to call the minister of interior. I will not call – we need to fix this for ALL CITIZENS, not for the few who have access to me.

Last month, I had to call the Nigerian Embassy in
Washington DC via my contacts to avoid a couple in the US being messed up due to delays in renewing passports. Please everyone involved should FIX this.

Calling for another special treatment is not what I want to do now. Let everyone get help. Sign whatever contract and make the booklets available to the embassies. Mr. Minister, do your job!

By: Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Curbing Sexual Molestation

Imagine finding a ‘child’ sexually attractive: such idiosyncrasy is best described as predatorial in act and pedophiliac in expression.

Children must be taught early to speak up when they are touched inappropriately. They must as well be taught early the parts of their body that shouldn’t be touched inappropriately.

Some kids get molested by members of their own family; Fathers, Mothers, siblings, extended families, some others by neighbours and teachers.

However, being too hard on your children would make them unable to confide in you. Hence, children need to be encouraged to speak out especially when they seem withdrawn.

Victims of sexual harassment can suffer significant psychological effects, including anxiety, depression, headaches, sleep disorders, weight loss or gain, nausea, lowered self-esteem and sexual dysfunction. In the final analysis, sexual harassment causes a tense and unproductive working and learning environment.

Our girls and boys deserve a better world. Let’s make it great for them.

We must respect our children, and be willing to condemn all shades of molestation thrown at them. It is our duty to keep fighting and advocating for their freedom. Because if the world is not save for children, it is not save for adult.

By: Domino Richards


Approach this day with a renewed vigour dear friend.

Diamond, gold, great network, wealth, happiness, or anything of noble worth becomes yours if you believe you are deserving of such. But believing won’t get it completely done; it is working on what you believed that will grant you such landing that is desired by you.

Stretch out again today with a unique touch of excellence, be right from your end, and things will align at the other end in time.

Have a fantastic season of accomplishments.

By, ‘PELUMI Adiv Pelumi-Folarin